About the harbour

Please pay to the harbour master who collects and checks evenings and mornings.

If guests are not on board during the harbour master’s rounds, harbour fees should be paid to the “Harbour masters mailbox” outside the office. Stopovers between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm are free of charge.

Please use the waste bins and sort in respectively galleywaste, cardboard/paper, glass. Environmentally hazardous waste must be disposed in the special containers by the southern basin.

Only at the areas with grill-signs posted.

Sports fishing
Only at marked zones. Fischwaste must be cleared from the harbour area.

All motorized vehicles and bicycles may only be parked at the Clubhouse parking lot.

Must be on a leash all year. Droppings must be removed and properly disposed.

Gravel paths
Are open to the public and must always be kept free from sailing gear and other goods.


Takster for benyttelse af Strib Bådehavn. Dels for gæstepladser, mobilehome, sommer- og vinterpladser m.fl.

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Beddingen på Strib Bådehavn kan tage både op til 8 tons. Kontakt havnefogeden for yderligere information.

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Strib har fra 1651 været et vigtigt færgested mellem Fyn og Jylland. Fra 1866, da jernbanen til Strib blev indviet, blev byen et vigtigt og travlt knudepunkt ...

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